How to use infographics and improve your Communication.

Often we wonder if we can communicate our ideas in a manner that resonates with the clients, team members, seniors, or whoever our audience is. What is the point of having plans and solutions if we can’t make other people see the significance of them?

   A week ago, I was making a one year KPI plan for a company. After typing three pages of the project, I wondered if it is understandable and straightforward but also informative and engaging. So, I made a Gantt chart for the achievement of KPIs vs. time to give the owner and the employees of the company to keep track of the process. I also made a tree graph for KPIs, Objectives ad Goals to show the relationship between them. Although it was a simpler form of infographics as compared to the more illustrated ones, it conveyed meaning and information pertained to the subject.

Infographics should be 

  1. Scannable
  2. Shareable
  3. Attractive
  4. Informative
  5. Memorable

   In the year 2010-2012, the infographics search volume increased by over 800%. With so much content on the internet, several are lazy works of inexperienced people looking to spread information just for the sake of it. Quality of subject matters more than attractiveness as the primary goal of a person is looking for information. Keeping this in mind, designers can make content that can be viral.

   It is also vital that the information must be memorable, so the use of colors, font style, font size, signage, etc. must be used effectively, this will also add to the aesthetics of the infographics. There are several tools e.g., TableauLeafletEcharts, etc. which are accessible, and expertise on these can be excellent for presentation to clients or supervisors. How using Infographic can improve your Communication

   All in all, creating valuable, informative, researched infographics adds to the beauty of the report and also communicates clearly to audiences.

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