Persuasion in sales

Persuasion is the tactic of convincing someone to use your product or services. It can be a short term solution to a bigger problem; we can sell and move on but probably won’t be able to sell twice. 

Desperate peddlers, shopkeepers, and even marketing managers have found themselves at times trying to push their products to an unwilling crowd. A low-income peddler needs to sell regardless of people’s attitude towards his product, but why a big company that believes in brand loyalty, customer satisfaction, etc. try to push their brands. It is because they probably think that the consumer doesn’t know what he is missing. But usually, people don’t like to be convinced they might believe that the salesperson is not sincere and cunningly bring to sell his products. 

I remember the time when I was a fresh-out-of-college and worked for a bank. I believed our product was superior to other bank’s products, and I would be confused when a prospect wouldn’t sign up after my sales pitch. The point I missed was that my belief is not essential to them. They wanted to find the best product fitted for their needs and lifestyle. 

What can a Salesperson do?

Instead of trying to push products, they can try to understand the psychology of the client. By listening about their need, objections, and expectation, a salesperson can assume which product to suggest. They can also provide testimonials of other people using the product and finding it beneficial. 

Companies can use persuasion to sell their products. Still, they should ensure that the quality of the product is excellent and meets customer’s expectations so that they repurchase the product. 

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