Integrating Digital and Traditional Communication Channels

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While digital marketing is the main focus of many tech-savvy companies these days, it is the traditional communication channels that are still popular among small businesses and conservative companies. Integrating the two channels through a customer life cycle is one of the strategies which has a lot of benefits; we will be discussing some here:

  1. Traditional channels can be used to create awareness of the brands among the general population. If a company launches a new product, it can put advertisements on a TV or a print ad to create awareness for the product. However, ads creation and distribution cost a lot more than digital channels; it is essential to know what shows the target audience watches and what magazines or newspapers they read. Traditional media can also help the brand reach people who don’t prefer online channels.
  2. We can also use digital marketing efforts like Display, PPC, or SEO in the consideration stage. Take an example of a person looking to buy a product online that removes stain from kids’ clothes without harmful chemicals. If they see ads targeting the keyword, they will click to understand the product and look for ingredient lists or claims. These people might have seen an advertisement on TV about such a product, which led them to know that such a product exists.
  3. If they add the product to the cart and leave without completing the transaction, we can remarket them through emails and paid ads if they agree to share their information with us. Simultaneously, we can send them messages about new deals or sales on the product or just a reminder whenever our system prompts that they might be running out of the product in some days. This way, we can induce repetitive purchases, and in the long term, this will increase loyalty.
  4. To enhance loyalty and improve their experience, we can offer these customers passes to ‘mom and me’ events if the brand organizes such events. This way, integrating digital and traditional communication channels can be very effective from awareness to loyalty.

Some of the differences between digital and traditional communication that have profound effect while choosing them at certain touching of customer journey are-

  1. Digital media can target a particular segment. This can be done through look-alike audiences, CRMs, understanding the audience’s intent by search terms, or opting for the person’s consent for emails, messages, etc. The same cannot be said about traditional channels.
  2. Digital media efforts are measurable through attribution in a customer journey. Traditional marketing can be hard to measure.
  3. Traditional efforts are costlier than digital efforts; according to AdAge, a 30-second slot cost in the Super Bowl was approximately $5.6 million. Even if the brand is not going for a commercial on Super Bowl, it is expensive than the digital media.
  4. Digital marketing is continuously evolving, so it can be overwhelming to stay updated on every new thing or platform. Hence, it is crucial for marketers to know what is short term and focus on long-term solutions.
  5. Digital marketing can promote two-way communication between consumers and the brand. It can help brands listen and understand customer’s pain-points and expectations and accept compliments for exceptional service.

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