Tableau: a powerful visualization tool

Tableau is not just another data visualization tool. Still, it is a powerful data analysis tool that helps you connect to various forms of data storage systems—allowing you to visually understand and analyze the data which has been fast-growing in your business. Thereby helps you to derive inference, interpret data, and make a growth/ development plan for your business.

Tableau provides a faster platform to analyze and visualize your data in the form of a dashboard and worksheet. Help you create a story from your data to generate a more reliable, statistical, and robust leadership presentation for decision making. As adequately designed, the final output generated using Tableau can be understood by any professional at different levels.

Tableau provides you with various features to connect your data some of the important features are listed below: 

  1. Flat File 
  • Excel file.
  • Text file.
  • JSON file.
  • Spatial file.
  • Real-Time Servers
  • Microsoft SQL Servers
  • Oracle
  • Amazon Redshift
  • Hive
  • PostgreSQL
  • Local saved Data Sources
  • Extracted data from the server from your local machine.

Uses of Tableau can be summarized from below:

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Tableau provides powerful data analytical features like Table Calculations, String and Number Function creation; User Defined Functions. Tableau offers a very nice feature for the ability to create storytelling with the visualization of the data.

For example, below, I am showing one of my analyses where I was able to summarize analysis in a more efficient and precise way, which helps in deriving the analysis and conveying the message as part of the report.

Tableau’s growing digital world of Business Intelligence and data analytics is a powerful and fastest-growing tool. As businesses are moving towards big data, it is imperative to adapt to the use of such tools to derive inferences and help in decision making.

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