Dollar Shave Club’s #RazorBurn Campaign

Startups like Dollar Shave Club and Harry’s are new entrants to the non-exciting dormant shaving razor market ruled by the giants charging outrageously for so-called advanced tech razors. When they want to advertise that there is something new, the older companies add blades and increase the price, whether there is added value or not.

Dollar Shave Club has approximately 8.5% of the men’s shaving industry’s market share and is seeing constant growth due to its subscription-based model and promotional activities on social media. One of the very successful campaigns that also won the Shorty award was the #RazorBurn. According to the company, people hate to replace their old razors as it is an expensive and dull chore. So, launching a campaign where customers can say insults about their old, costly razors was a way to start a fun conversation.

The company created a meme generator where people can write their hilarious insults and share on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. The company itself reshared the most humorous ones. All this created a buzz, and Dollar shave club social mentions increased by 24%, adding more than 300k followers to the DSC social channels.

Campaign analysis:

The campaign was so popular because it was witty, and people like to share funny things on the internet. It also created a way for people to be creative and share their thoughts, which was very engaging.

The anthropomorphic razors are absurd and disgusting-looking, at the same time contrasted on the neutral-colored background to pop up nicely. It also has ample space for text, which creates harmony among all the elements in white font color. The lower part usually has a picture of a DSC razor on a brown textural background. The meme’s overall appeal is good and capturing enough to be happily shared and reshared by the audience.

The campaign also finds the perfect spot of being entertaining, avoiding any controversy. The campaign’s execution is an excellent example of how Social Media campaigns done right results in positive buzz and is also significantly cheaper than ads in traditional media. It creates two-way communication between the consumers and brands which an exceptional way to create a long-term relationship.

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