Future Trends a Digital Marketer should learn about

Technology has made our lives more comfortable, and there is no doubt about it, but it’s always changing, and it is vital to evolve with it. We learn something and become an expert, and then something new comes up and has to learn that. The process starts again in learning and relearning. But just sitting with something and not understanding the change in trends and demands of the market is a dangerous thing for a digital marketer.

One of the most enticing topics that keep me wondering about its future marvels is CRM. I have been keenly following Salesforce’s Einstein and its development. I used Salesforce for documentation in 2012 for the first time. It has evolved from a platform where salespeople will fill out a form for every new account acquired and pulled out information whenever needed to an AI-enabled system which can offer predictive and personalized information about every single customer. It is instrumental when it comes to brands whose aim is to delight customers with efficiency and timeliness. Many other companies that are performing wonders in CRM are SageMaker by Amazon, Google Cloud AI Platform, where we can streamline workflow, retarget potential customers, provide personalized communications and recommendations, tackle issues and complaints.

Recently I learned about the use of Beacon technology by various companies like Princess Cruises. They use the technology to understand consumer behavior and store the information to give personalized offers and services to the customer on board. The beacon technology is gaining momentum these days, but its full force and uses are yet to be seen. Many stores are using it on-premises to pull data for every touchpoint a user has with a business. It helps in revenue attribution for online channels (which is a headache for digital marketers), track customers in-store activity, offer them personalized deals, and improve in-store conversions.

As a marketer living in the digital era, I feel it is essential to learn more about the driving forces of the market. Apart from the knowledge I have gained, it is imperative to learn more about AI, and the practical use of it, so that I can extract the data and insightfully use it. I plan to get more Salesforce Trailhead badges in the future to keep updated and learn about AWS, which Amazon’s on-demand cloud computing platform for small and big businesses.

In any field, if you want to be successful, it is necessary to unlearn the obsolete, learn the useful,  and use the information in your day to day to understand it better.

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