How Analytics can help you understand ROI

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In a Harvard Business Review survey of senior marketing executives, “more than 80% of respondents were dissatisfied with their ability to measure marketing ROI.” ROI is one of the most liberal terms used in business settings, but to measure it exactly is one of the critical tasks for us as marketers. The KPIs on which we measure our marketing activities are the marketing metrics, and the insight we get by analyzing this data can give us better financial results.

What can we understand by Analytics:

  1. Are we targeting the right audience
  2. To learn about the performance of a campaign online
  3. Forecasting future
  4. Understanding market trends

We can have a gut feeling about a situation, but while persuading others, we need to provide facts and figures to support the point.

After purchasing a product or receiving a service, we all have responded to ‘how did you know about us?’. I usually put anything that came to my mind. But with the analytics tools we have today, we can pinpoint exactly where our lead came from. Thus we can understand which campaign is working hard for us.
Some of the popular and useful sites are Google Analytics, AdWorks, etc. these are free and easy to use. Whereas tools like Bombora collects an unprecedented volume of B2B intent, demographic, and firmographic data across premium sources globally to create a scalable and quality dataset that powers Measurement.

To have data is a different thing, but to take fruitful decisions based on the data requires expertise that comes from experience. So, to have maximum ROI from analytics, we have to have the best talent and sophisticated systems.

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