Segmentation and digital marketing

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In the world where data surround us, marketers should understand how to manipulate and extract information from it. This data can be useful or waste, but to derive insights from it also requires knowledge of tools and techniques. 

How to use digital marketing in segmentation

Hundreds of new e-commerce websites are coming every day and trying to sell products. Physical presence and distance from the customer have too little meaning. So, we cannot put the buyer in a category by their looks; here, browsing data and purchasing behavior helps us to understand our target segment. When we ask the customer to enableĀ cookies, it is to track their behavior across various websites.

Benefits of segmentation

By looking at data, we can visualize the buyer’sĀ persona. How does our perfect customer look like, their income, values, motivation, etc.?

This segmentation helps us to target better, generate more revenue, and to justify the marketing activities.

Segmentation can help us understand the behavior of our target segment and to perform consistently to satisfy every time they make a purchase. Consistent performance leads to brand loyalty and gives us an advantage against our competitors.

However, it can be challenging to segment with such a vast amount of data and may require expensive human expertise, but it is worthwhile as ‘innocence is not bliss when it comes to marketing.’

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