The perfect pitch: an art to master

We have pitched people all our lives without realizing it. It can be for admission, a job, or to our parents for that shiny new toy. 

My first sales pitch at my job at a bank, and it was a colossal fail. I started with my sales pitch that I had perfected(eye-roll), not by talking to clients, but by mugging up a paragraph scribbled on a piece of paper. Of course, I wasn’t able to intrigue the client. It was a straight no from him, without any promises for future consideration. 

After many more tries and retrospection, I realized I just wanted to say and not listen. I didn’t know whether they needed the product or even considering it. But I had the pitch, and it was meant to be said. 

We become self-absorbed while sometimes selling, especially when we think that we have the best products in the industry. We feel that we are doing them(the consumer) a favor, but are we, though.

My advice to you all, who at some point have to persuade others is-

 1. listen to your audience and try to understand their pain points

2. then mold your pitch, emphasizing the features of your product that meets the needs of your audience. 

They will appreciate your efforts and see you as a friend, rather than a self-indulged salesperson. In a customer-centric role, we can’t be oblivious to other’s needs and carry on with our agenda, as it won’t be beneficial to any of the parties.

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