Which Google Analytics Metrics to track?

For marketers managing websites for their businesses, it becomes crucial to understand the website’s performance. Google Analytics provides insights about the audience that can help customize your ads or target specific interest groups, and this increases your chances to convert and thus making every advertising dollar work.

After creating a Google Analytics account, it should be linked with your Google Ads account. This way, there will proper flow of data from later to the former.

Some critical Google Analytics metrics to track for a website-

  • New or unique visitor– Differentiating between new and unique users is essential as both should be dealt with a different conversion. If we understand which pages a new visitor spends more time, we can work on it to improve it for a better experience.
  • Pages per session– More pages per session can be related to increasing time spent on the website, which is an excellent thing to happen for a website. If pages per session are low with a high bounce rate, it tells you to improve your website’s user experience by improving content and making it as relevant as possible for your target audience.
  • Value per visit- For e-commerce businesses, the value per visit is the purchases. Still, for other websites, comments, using affinity links, or signing up for the newsletter are vital metrics.
  • Bounce rate- Bounce rate is defined as the percentage of visitors to a website who leave without completing the task they came for or navigate away after visiting only a single page. Higher bounce rates mean people are not getting on your website what they came for. Some days back, I was browsing on Pinterest for an ornate table and came across an ad when I searched the term, I saw a beautiful table that caught my attention, and I clicked on the ad, only to find that it was a website that features gorgeous table lamps. I left the site within 30 seconds; this way, the business selling lamps didn’t get any value from my visit and wasted money on an ad impression or click (whichever way they were getting charged for the ad).

When marketers make such mistakes, they blame the digital space by saying it is not easy to track or convert on the internet or to attribute where the value is coming from. However, keeping in mind that Google Ads is easy to optimize or hire a specialist to so for you. In any case, going digital is the right way to go, and if your competitors reach there before you, it can be deadly for your business.

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