Designing a website: this is what you must know!

We must think of a new website as we think of a product. Before designing a product and its attributes, we define the target market, buyer persona, and we make the product keeping that in mind. The same should be the case of a website. We should understand the following-

  • Who is the website’s target audience?
  • What void is the website trying to fill?
  • What will they be looking for on this website?
  • Why should they log into this website? (key search parameters).
  • When can it be the peak time from the customer to come to the website?
  • Where in the geographical location will my website be serviced?
  • How would I make this website?

Once you have the above questions answered, it is better to make a marketing plan for the website, with a well-defined deadline to follow for the launch of the website. Google Analytics can help during the start of the site to drive the right traffic and the right customer to the website.

Developing a website: Development should always be based on the need and requirements of the target audience. Providing them the right opportunity and ease of access to navigation is the roadway to success. Some of the fundamental practices which you should try to incorporate are listed below. It can be used as a guide to launch a commercial or personal website successfully.

  1. SEO best practice guide book in hand.
  2. Design Homepage with a concise and accurate summary.
  3. Clean and crystal clear navigation.
  4. Let Info-graphics and pictures do the talking.
  5. Simple layout with ease of access to contact you.
  6. Mindfulness of the landing page effectiveness.
  7. The use of conversational English is the best.
  8. Keep it up to date.

Knowing the audience and your customer prepares you for the worst. The benefits of which are countless. Preparation always pays its investment.

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