The golden age of silent videos

Do you remember what ads you watched during a half an hour show, or it’s just something that’s happening in the periphery and its time to do odd chores like going to the bathroom, filling a water bottle, or checking the phone? What happens if the tv goes silent, you might probably think there is something wrong with the television, you would probably be a little curious and look at the screen. 

  That’s what silent advertisements bring to the table—attention, and that’s what brands crave. Also, it is one of the popular formats on social media; Facebook estimates that 85% of its viewers are watching videos in silence; it is because sound can be considered inappropriate in places like in transit or workplace. 

  When there is no noise, we tend to focus on the visible components. We pay attention to the depth of color, the smoothness or roughness of shapes, the smile or freckles, and everything else. We also pay attention to the brand message, and when we do, we retain it in our minds for a longer time.

  The use of silence is versatile; it can be in an ad with a somber theme like a social or environmental cause or lighthearted or funny ad with slapstick comedy. 

  It is the perfect time for silent videos as we have portable devices, and we want to be busy with them anywhere at any time. After all, our main aim is- to expose the audience with our content and capture their attention. To achieve this, we should use every weapon in our arsenal.

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